Segafredo Coffee Beans

One of the most important factors are the coffee beans you use, we’ll look into this first before we move on to choosing the best espresso machine for you. Segafredo Zanetti is the largest producer of Italian gourmet coffee in the world giving us the advantage of providing you with a great variety of only the best coffee products. Segafredo Zanetti owns its own coffee plantations in some of the best coffee regions worldwide, giving us the ability to control the quality of your coffee from plant to cup.

In a consumer driven world people demand to be well informed. Knowing the coffee’s origin helps you make a conscience decision to support fair trade. Segafredo offers its workers fair wages and utilises hand picking of the coffee cherries as opposed to using heavy machines. This produces a higher quality yield. The mechanical shaking practises employed by most coffee producers cause the trees to go into shock and therefore produce a lower yield which in turn creates a negative flow on effect to the coffee industry.

We also own the prestigious Tik Tak coffee brand founded in 1870 which has been roasting organic and fair trade coffee since 1988.