100 Practical E Electronic

3,050.00 ex. VAT


Aggressive look and metallic colours: these are the main aesthetic characteristics of 100 series that highlight lines originality and design unicity.

Metallic colours (anthracite, grey, red and sky blue) and satiny finishing match perfectly. On request (optional) chrome finishing are available, particularly elegant in anthracite/chromed and grey/chromed combinations.

100 E

Series 100 adapts a thermosiphonic circulation system with pre-infuser and flow variator. The flow variator (adjustable directly from outside the machine body) gives the possibility to modify the brewing temperature in every group with relation to the used coffee blend without changing the temperature in the boiler and therefore the capacity to produce hot water and steam.

100 E DTC

DTC system (dual temperature control) used in 100 DTC is a thermosiphonic circulation system with pre-infuser and double heater exchanger, one inside the boiler with bigger diameter and one inside every group: it is La San Marco most sophisticated temperature control system particularly indicated to high consumption coffee shops and for consumption peaks.

  • models: from 1 to 4 groups and compact model 2 groups (100 Sprint E)
  • 6 programmable coffee doses for every group with semiautomatic function
  • lighting bar indicating coffee brewing
  • 2 programmable water doses with semiautomatic function
  • mixer regulating water temperature
  • single group temperature setting by flow variator (100 E)
  • DTC system – dual temperature control (100 E DTC)
  • electronic autofill: standard
  • double protected working base
  • built-in motor pump (external on request models 2-3-4 groups)
  • higher power heating elements: optional (models 2-3-4 groups)
  • cup warmer with thermostat: optional (models 2-3-4 groups)
  • chrome finishing: optional


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