11,118.00 ex. VAT

La San Marco professional
machines, Leva Luxury guarantees the
best espresso, thanks to the lever system
for coffee extraction, greatly appreciated
by coffee lovers and baristas. Beside
the innovative look, other details make
Leva Luxury a truly unique and appealing
machine: the countless colour varieties of
the glass body machine (made possible
by Led RGB activated via a touch remote
control), the chrome-plated cylinder liner
and the carbon fibre finish coating, the
chrome-plated finishes of all the inner
components and the stainless steel boiler.
Leva Luxury is a top-of-the-range model of
striking beauty and sophistication, the ideal
solution for prestigious bars and cafes all
over the world.

Finance Available for new business!


LEVA LUXURY adds to the functions and features of a traditional lever system machine an innovative look that makes it unique in its kind: the glass body, using the multicolour led technology, permits to obtain multiple chromatic effects with a strong emotional impact, the chromium plating of the groups and the CLASS cylinders the boiler in mirror polished stainless steel, the hydraulic polished brass and copper components.

LEVA LUXURY is available in 3 versions, of 2, 3 and 4 groups.


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